Saturday, July 2, 2011

Power of Studying together

·        To get support  and motivation join LCSW EXAM STUDY GROUP LCSW Google Study group is an excellent network to connect with fellow Social Workers preparing for LCSW exam.
You can connect with Social Workers preparing for LCSW exam through Linkedin group also Linkedin- LCSW Exam Study Group
LCSW Study Group also connects with Social Workers through Facebook.
You can meet hundreds of Social Workers preparing for LCSW Exam through Face Book LCSW Exam Study Group

·        Join Online LCSW Skype Study Groups. They are really helpful and effective. There are State specific Skype Study Groups ie California LCSW Exam Study Group and National Exam Study Group. Send an email to for more information on Skype LCSW Study Group
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LCSW Skype Study Group helps you to study with motivated fellow Social Workers across the country. You can study with fellow Social Workers without leaving your home or office. You can study with them by being at your home. You will need updated version of skype application, webcam and a headphone. Studying through Skype Group is very much effective and many Social Workers have passed LCSW Exam with help of LCSW Skype study groups. You can add Skype ID: lcswskyestudygroup to your skype contact and request information on LCSW Skype Study Groups. Still you can join Skype Study Group, if you are committed to study two hours with an online group for three days a week.
Most of the Group members prepare for National LCSW Exam, however we always welcome others preparing for LSW/LMSW/LGSW or California LCSW exams.

In order to join LCSW Skype Study Group, you need to have internet connection, a skype account, a headphone(Headphone is very much needed to avoid audio disturbances during Study Group) and commitment to study at-least two hours for three days a week with a Group of Social Workers who are also determined to pass this exam.
Feel the support of a group and enjoy studying with a group sitting in your home. 

Simple Steps to join LCSW Skype Study Group:

1. Create a Skype ID(if you don't have one) and add skype id: lcswskypestudygroup as your contact and send a message.

2. Click the Skype Study Group Schedule link below and add your schedule and your details.

3. Prepare 10 LCSW Study Questions to share with Group, type the questions, and answer with rationale in a separate document/word file. Save the word file in your computer and you need to copy and paste the questions from this document during study group.

4. Check with the group regarding the Study time and Log on to Skype during the Study Group Time. At present this May 2012, Skype Study Group studies from 7.30 PM EST/6.30 PM CST/4.30 PM PST.  Be online by login into your Skype id and answer Skype Group call from LCSWSKYPESTUDYGROUP. If you miss the skype group call, send an instant message to skype id: lcswskypestudygroup to add you to the conference. Keep your head phones connected and configured to Skype audio setting to avoid audio disturbances during Group Study. 

·        Use Resources shared by Skype Study Group members. Skype Study Group has a large pool of resources kept online, and you can request access to Skype Study Group’s online resources.
·        Set a timeline for study and exam before you begin your exam preparation.
·        Always be positive before beginning your exam preparation.
·        Read and Review the LCSW Hand book to get a complete understanding of content areas and exam format.
·        Along with reviewing exam material, keep practicing test questions. LCSW Exam question banks both online and book formats are available from various providers. LCSW Study group members would help you to decided which  would be much appropriate for you. Even you may be able to get used materials through our LCSW Study Group.
·        Always when you get wrong answers, reframe your mind that you are learning new thing from that question.
·        Keep a separate file or folder or note to write down new things you learn during your practice tests. Take Tests on study mode and exam modes.
·        Mix up study methods to help motivate studying. Study with Skype Study Groups at least 3 days a week. Study Group will motivate you. In addition to LCSW Skype Study Group we need to study at-least 3 days a week personal study.
·        Skype Study Group has lot of  mnemonic devices, acronyms and associations. You may effectively use them.
·        Practice writing down Cheat Sheets from memory before practice tests
·        Discuss content areas which you need more attention during the Group sessions.